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German customers inquire about our mobile DR

German customers see our products on the website and inquire about mobile DR. We asked the other party whether they are preparing for medical, veterinary or industrial use? The customer said it was for other purposes, requiring the camera head and the main unit to be connected wirelessly separately, and the camera head should be able to take pictures even if it is one meter away from the object. We replied to customers that it can be equipped with a wireless tablet, and it can also be photographed one meter away. The other party said it was acceptable and accepted the deposit.
Let me accept the product features of our portable X-ray machine:
1. Produced by high-frequency inverter technology, stable high-voltage output can obtain good image quality;
2. With compact design, it is easy to carry and work in different regions and locations;
3. There are three exposure control methods: remote control type, hand switch type and interface button type;
4. Fault self-diagnosis and self-protection;
5. With a flexible digital interface, users can go deep into the core programming control and adapt to different DR detectors.
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