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Application scope of mobile X-ray machine

Mobile X-ray machine, also known as bedside X-ray machine, has a wide range of applications and is a common X-ray film detection equipment in hospitals and clinics at all levels. Mobile X-ray machine is mainly used in conjunction with DR digital imaging system, also called mobile DRX-ray machine.
Mobile X-ray machines are mainly used in hospital wards, outpatient departments, private clinics and other places because of their small size and easy to move. During the epidemic, mobile X-ray machines are also necessary equipment for physical examinations. Due to the convenience of movement and the relatively small dose for protection, they can be placed in vehicles and transported to the place where they are needed. Mobile X-ray machines can be seen in the resumption of factories after the epidemic, the opening of schools, and the examination and physical examination of college entrance examination candidates.
Shandong Huarui Imaging Equipment Co., Ltd. provides a 5kW mobile X-ray machine with a digital imaging system, which is easy to operate and provides real-time imaging, which greatly reduces the time for doctors and patients to seek medical treatment. This mobile X-ray machine can be used not only for medical but also for veterinary and industrial use, with a variety of system options. Please call if interested.

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