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Disposal process of waste X-ray machine

X-ray machines are essential equipment in hospital radiology departments, outpatient departments, township health centers, and individual clinics. They are mainly used for filming or fluoroscopic detection of various parts of the human body. The aging and scrapping of the X-ray machine is mainly due to the damage of the main components such as the high-voltage generator, tube, imaging system, etc. When the X-ray machine is aging and scrapped, what should be done with the old X-ray machine?
First of all, the used X-ray machine still belongs to the hospital or clinic asset. It needs to go through the scrapping process inside the hospital and confirm that the equipment is scrapped before it can be scrapped for disposal. When dealing with used X-ray machines, you can contact the X-ray machine manufacturer or maintenance organization and ask them if they are willing to recycle used X-ray machines or other undamaged accessories, so that the used X-ray machines or accessories can be put on the market again after recycling and maintenance. Meet the needs of users with lower budgets. The X-ray machine will not emit X-rays in the unexposed state, which will cause radiation damage to the human body. There is no radioactive material inside the used X-ray machine, so no other special treatment is required, and it can also be recycled as scrap metal.

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