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Australian customer consults portable X-ray machine

Recently, I received an inquiry about X-ray machine. The client came from Australia and wanted a 100MA portable X-ray machine. Recently, there are more customers who want a 100ma X-ray machine, so why is this machine so popular? Let’s take a look:

First of all, it is more convenient. The 100ma X-ray machine is now more popular than the high-frequency ray machine. This machine combines a high-pressure generator, tube and beam limiter to form a combined head, so it is relatively small in size and weighs only about 20kg, which is more suitable for carrying out.

Second, the price is more appropriate. Because it is 100ma, the price is not particularly high, the price is only a little bit higher than the 100ma power frequency machine, so many customers are also willing to add this little money to buy a high frequency machine.

The third and more important point is that it is more appropriate to use. The 100ma machine can be used for hands, feet, and chest radiographs. It is a suitable device for personal clinics and fever clinics.

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