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Classification of DR x-ray machines

Recently, we received customer inquiries about our DR x-ray machine, but many customers don’t know much about different DR high-frequency x-ray machines, so they explained it to them. Our DR high-frequency x-ray machine, also known as DR, is an x-ray imaging device that can directly complete the shooting of x-ray images within a few seconds and display it on the computer screen for doctors to make diagnosis. DR x-ray machine is the basic equipment of digital medical imaging, and it is the main development direction of the world’s future x-ray machine.

Computer X-ray photography, also known as CR, must first shoot the X-ray image on the CR imaging board, and then put the CR Urban and Rural Office into a dedicated film reader to read the X-ray image and display it on the computer screen . Although CR eliminates the need to develop film, it is slow and indirect imaging. CR is a transitional product between digital X-ray machine and traditional film X-ray machine before DR matures. CR is used by DR. The replacement of x-ray machines is only a matter of time. If you are interested in our DR high frequency x-ray machine, you can consult.


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