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Can a mobile X-ray machine take pictures of limbs?

The outpatient department of a local hospital inquired about a mobile X-ray machine. The client sent us the chat history with the person in charge of the hospital, asking us to recommend a suitable mobile X-ray machine. Through the chat records, we learned that the function of the equipment needed by the hospital is to be able to display images for bone treatment. We confirm to the customer whether the required equipment is used in the operating room or in the outpatient department. The two do not require the same type of machine. After confirming with the hospital, the client said that it was a filming machine used in the outpatient department and only needed to take pictures of the limbs. We recommend a 50mA mobile X-ray machine for our customers. This machine is also called a bedside machine. It is the most cost-effective one. The mobile X-ray machine is suitable for private clinics or township health centers. We asked the customer whether they need a mobile X-ray machine with an imaging system, and the customer will confirm with the hospital and give us an answer.

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