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Canadian customers purchased our mobile DR

The Canadian customer saw our mobile DR X-ray machine on the website, and was very interested in this product, hoping to know its specific information and quotation.
After communicating with the customer, we learned that the other party is a machinery parts factory and wants to purchase an X-ray machine for testing aluminum castings. The whole body of this product is made of aluminum and there is no difference in density, just check if there are any bubbles inside. The aluminum castings to be tested are generally 200mm long, 200mm wide, and about 60mm high.
We ask customers whether they want to take a film effect or a perspective effect. When taking a film, it is a static picture. The X-ray machine is equipped with a flat-panel detector, and the image is directly imaged on the computer, which can be zoomed in and out for storage. The perspective effect is dynamic video, real-time imaging, industrial X-ray machine detection, which can be used in an assembly line and is a large-scale device. The other party thinks that it is mainly used for sampling inspection, and it is enough to see the position of the bubbles, so they chose the mobile DR model. We sent the product information and quotation to the customer, saying that we can send us a sample and test it to see the effect. The other party was very satisfied after receiving the renderings, and immediately paid a deposit.
Our mobile DR can be widely used in human body diagnosis, suitable for medical institutions (hospitals, clinics, ambulances, disaster relief, first aid, etc.); simple structure, small size, light weight, no environmental restrictions, no need for shielding rooms; fault self Protection, self-diagnosis, high-precision control of tube voltage and current; easy to carry, can work in a variety of different scenarios; can be used with mobile racks, flexible and convenient; three exposure control methods: wireless remote control, wired hand switch, touch screen ;Use with a flat-panel detector, image directly on the computer, and the image is clear.
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