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Italian customer bought our mobile DR equipment

An Italian customer saw our mobile DR X-ray machine on the website, was very interested in our products, and hoped to know its specific information and quotation.
After communicating with the customer, I learned that the other party is a private clinic that has just opened and wants to buy a set of mobile DR equipment for film examination. The customer has not used X-ray equipment before and does not know much about this product. We asked the other party what parts they mainly photographed, and the client replied that they generally photographed limbs and chest more. I recommended our 100MA 5kw portable X-ray machine to the customer. It is portable and light. There is no problem at all in shooting limbs, chest, and cervical spine. It can be used with different styles of mobile racks and is easy to move. The X-ray machine can be directly imaged on the computer with a flat-panel detector. Our flat-panel detectors are divided into wired and wireless models, 14*17 inches and 17*17 inches. We sent the product information and quotation to the customer, and the customer expressed his satisfaction and ordered a complete set of mobile DR.
Our mobile DR can be widely used in human body diagnosis, suitable for hospitals, clinics, ambulances, disaster relief, first aid, etc. It has simple structure, small size, light weight, no environmental restrictions, and no shielding room. It has fault self-protection, self-diagnosis, and high-precision control of tube voltage and current. It is easy to carry and can work in many different scenarios. It can be used in conjunction with the mobile rack, which is flexible and convenient. Three exposure control methods: wireless remote control, wired hand switch, touch screen. It can be used with a flat-panel detector and imaged directly on a computer.
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