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Classification of portable DR X-ray machines

Recently, a customer inquired about portable DR X-ray machines. Today I will tell you what are the classifications of portable DR X-ray machines:
(1) Medical: Medical portable DR X-ray machine is also called medical portable X-ray machine or medical X-ray fluoroscope. This type of X-ray machine is suitable for medical use, mainly in clinics, township health centers, athlete training departments and school clinics. Among them, medical portable X-ray machines can be used for human or veterinary medical diagnosis.
(2) Industry: Industrial inspection X-ray machines used in the industrial sector, usually industrial non-destructive inspection X-ray machines (lossless inspection), portable DR X-ray machines can inspect various industrial components, electronic components, and the inside of circuits.
(3) Mine belt detection: This type of portable DR X-ray machine is a dedicated portable X-ray machine, which is specially used for the safety perspective detection of transmission belts in the mining and coal industry.
(4) Special purpose for shoe manufacturing: The portable DR X-ray machine manufactured by the shoe industry can be used for leather shoes and shoe manufacturers to detect the placement of shoe spikes during the manufacturing process, so as to avoid the safety hazards of leather shoes to consumers due to poor placement of shoe spikes .
Seeing here, everyone knows the classification of portable DR X-ray machines. Please contact us if you have any requirements.

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