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Customer Consulting Mobile DR x ray machine

The customer consulted mobile DR x ray machine and helped the local rehabilitation center to find suitable equipment.We asked the client about the hospital’s requirements and the main parts to shoot.The client know less about medical devices, and he was not clear what parameters are needed.Due to Newheek has many types of X-ray machines, if there is no specific requirements we can’t recommend accurately.We ask about the budget of the hospital, and we can recommend models with similar price.
The client confirmed to the hospital that they need to shoot chest for patient . We recommended the 100mA mobile DR X ray machine for the client, explaining that it can meet the needs of the hospital for chest shooting, and a larger dose is needed for lumbar spine shooting. We recommended the 400mA mobile DR X ray machine.We have sent the technical parameters and photos of the mobile DR x ray machineproducts to the customers so that they can recommend them to the hospital.The client said that he would reply to us when the hospital confirmed.
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