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Do I need a license to use a portable X-ray machine?

Although our portable X-ray machines all comply with the corresponding safety standards, and radiation has almost no impact on the human body, the country also has relevant laws and regulations that companies that produce, sell, and use radioisotopes and radiation devices in China must obtain radiation safety permits certificate.
X-rays are very short-wavelength rays that can penetrate a variety of materials such as iron, glass, plastic, templates, and more. But it can’t penetrate the lead block, which is found in a large number of tests that X-rays can’t penetrate the lead plate, so the radiation on the market can’t penetrate the lead plate (X-ray machine is used for the design of lead-containing materials).
At present, there are three types of X-ray inspection equipment in my country: I, II, and III, and different classifications correspond to different levels. Among them, Class III radiation is the weakest and Class I radiation is the strongest. The radiation dose of the portable X-ray machine belongs to Class III, and the radiation dose is relatively small, but the accumulated use for many years will cause certain harm to the human body, so it is still necessary to apply for a radiation safety license.
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