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Is there any radiation when the mobile X-ray machine is not turned on?

The principle of the X-ray machine is to accelerate electrons through high voltage, and the high-speed electrons bombard the metal target to generate X-rays, so there is no radiation when there is no electricity. Although most hospitals do not take any protective measures when performing X-ray irradiation on ordinary patients, they still have scruples about pregnant women and cover their abdomens. Doctors suggest that pregnant women should try to avoid such examinations, especially those in the first trimester of pregnancy. Because this is a critical period for the formation of important fetal organs, X-rays may cause mutations in these undeveloped cells and tissues, and the incidence of fetal congenital malformations will also increase. In addition to pregnant women, children are also one of the high-risk groups for radiation injuries. From the analysis of radiation biology theory, the radiosensitivity of a tissue is directly proportional to the cell division activity. Children are at the peak of growth and development, and the cell division is active. They are much more sensitive than adults, and the younger they are, the more sensitive they are. If you receive more X-rays in a short period of time, the harm will gradually accumulate, causing irreparable damage to the body cells, and the chance of inducing cancer and other diseases will greatly increase in the future. If the patient is only exposed to X-rays occasionally, the radiology medical staff as the medical side are more likely to be damaged by radiation, although they have taken some protective measures. Short-term exposure to large doses of radiation by medical personnel may cause acute skin burns, necrosis, radiation dermatitis, and cataracts secondary to eye lens opacity; long-term low-dose radiation may cause leukemia, Other tumors, fetal abnormalities, etc. However, regarding the hazards of medical radiation, many doctors themselves do not have sufficient awareness of protection. Although the hospital also provides corresponding protection measures, in actual operation, some medical workers are reluctant to use them because of the trouble. Many doctors who performed orthopedic surgery and manipulative reduction under the X-ray machine lost all the hair on their arms, which shows that radiation has already caused harm to the body.
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