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Do mobile DRs have to build lead houses?

As a bedside X-ray machine, the mobile DR conveniently solves the problem that the patient needs to be filmed because it is inconvenient to move to the radiology room. It is often used in ICUs, neonatology, inpatient buildings, etc. These places do not have special shielding places for the use of X-ray equipment like radiology departments. As an X-ray equipment, mobile DR must build a lead room, and what are its protective facilities?
The principle of using mobile DR is: it is only allowed to use fixed equipment and X-ray inspection is really necessary, and it cannot be used as a routine inspection.

Commonly used protection methods are:
1. Clear the scene before exposure. Before exposure, the operator informs the surrounding people who can be evacuated and leaves temporarily. The distance to leave is different according to different filming conditions (the distance here refers to the distance at which the ray attenuates in the air to close to the background level). Generally about five meters will be safer.
If the site cannot be cleared, when using it in the ward, protective measures should be taken for patients adjacent to the bed, and the useful harness should not be directed towards other patients.
2. In conjunction with the use of protective equipment, if there are still people around who cannot come, it is recommended to use a mobile lead screen to separate them. Staff wear lead protective equipment when operating equipment. (Lead clothes, lead scarves, lead glasses, lead caps, etc.), when filming, keep as far away as you can, as mentioned in item 1. When exposing, choose high kV, low mA, and small exposure conditions for photography.
3. Because there is no fixed location for mobile DR, there is currently no specific standard for it. Mobile DR, its single exposure time is very short, the longest is not more than 0.5s, experienced technicians know that it is generally around tens of milliseconds.
In addition to the shifts of the department, the exposure time of using DR is relatively short. As a whole, if the protection is done well, there will be no overshoot. It is relatively low. For DR, according to the requirements of GBZ130-2013, the shielding protection of the DR room should be no more than 0.25mSv for the annual effective dose constraint.
Therefore, when using mobile DR, it is the best way to protect yourself by using protective equipment, avoiding the ray source, shortening the exposure time, choosing the exposure field and location, and avoiding repeated exposure.
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