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Jiangsu customer inquiry mobile X-ray machine

Jiangsu customer inquired about the mobile X-ray machine of Weifang NEWHEEK Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., exported, sent parameter information, showed that 32KW and other accessories were required, mainly used for shooting the whole body, and digital DR equipment such as Pinzhen wireless flat panel detector and computer was required , I recommend our company’s 400mA X-ray machine, which can shoot the whole body of the human body and can be easily moved, but the price exceeds the budget, and the customer’s budget is half of the quoted price. Tell the customer that such a high-power device can be made into a mobile model, and its own cost It is high, and the technical content is also high, or if it is replaced with a fixed type, the price may be affordable, or it may be replaced with a 100mA portable DR, the price will be cheaper, but the 100mA can only shoot human limbs, chest X-ray, cervical spine, lumbar vertebrae. Nothing is perfect, the client will talk to the terminal again.
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