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dr can bedside check now

Is dr now available for bedside exams? Yes, there is a bedside machine specially used for ward inspection, that is, mobile DR, which can be checked on the bed board. Mobile bedside x-ray machine, also known as mobile DR. So what is the power of the bedside X-ray machine (mobile DR)? Our popular portable bedside machine is about 5kw, and our company also has a 32kw bedside DR. You can determine the configuration based on your specific needs and budget.

Today, I will briefly introduce our 32kw mobile DR:

The digital mobile DR film machine is mainly used by medical units to measure the chest, limbs and pelvic cavity of the human body.
and lumbar spine and other parts for photographic examination
1) Adopt high-frequency high-voltage generator and independent head, closed-loop control, stable output, good repeatability, fast response and high precision;
2) Digital closed-loop control technology, 32-bit microprocessor real-time control, to ensure the accuracy and repeatability of the dose;
3) Touch screen adjustment, color screen display, no need for additional display screen and console;


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