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What are the basic components of an X-ray machine

X-ray machine is an essential equipment for general radiology, which is used for filming or fluoroscopic detection of various parts of the human body. The basic components of the X-ray machine are the tube, the high-voltage generator, the beamer, the high-voltage cable, the frame and the imaging system.
The function of the tube is to emit X-rays, the high-voltage generator is used to provide high-voltage conditions for the tube to emit X-rays, and the high-voltage cable connects the high-voltage generator and the tube to deliver high voltage. The function of the beamer is to control the irradiation range of X-rays and reduce stray X-rays. All the above components need to be assembled on the X-ray machine frame to become a complete X-ray machine. The X-ray machine frame has mobile, fixed and portable.
When the X-ray machine sends out X-rays, we also need an imaging system to see the image. The X-ray machine imaging system includes traditional film imaging and digital imaging. The function of the imaging system is to convert invisible X-rays into visible images, which are displayed on the film or workstation computer to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of doctors.
The above components are the basic components of the X-ray machine, and they are indispensable. Shandong Huarui Imaging Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of X-ray machines. It not only provides complete X-ray machines, but also sells X-ray machine parts separately. If necessary, you can call for consultation.

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