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DR mobile X-ray machine that can be used for medical examination

The DR mobile X-ray machine is simple to operate, easy to use, low radiation, high image resolution, rich image layers, fast imaging speed, and can store permanent images, which is suitable for large-scale medical examinations. However, traditional DR devices are basically fixed operations and can only be used in hospitals. For a long time, medical examiners have packed a large number of waiting staff in the limited waiting space, which makes the patients and personnel coming to the hospital feel overcrowded, and often affects the daily examination work of the radiology department.
The DR mobile X-ray machine uses a flat-panel detector to replace the traditional enhanced screen, which greatly reduces the attenuation of X-rays, reduces the X-ray dose, and fully guarantees the image quality; the image gray range is large, the image contrast is high, and the level is rich. The fine structure is clearly displayed in the field, and the detection rate of lesions is high. The wide exposure range allows the exposure error to be within a certain range, and can also be adjusted in the post-processing to correct the imaging; DR mobile X-ray machine has a variety of post-processing functions; the image storage, transmission and retrieval are extremely convenient, and the built-in The large-capacity memory can store approximately 1000 GB of image information. The DR mobile X-ray machine is equipped with USB and network cables. The interface can be transmitted through an external network cable, or can transmit images to a laser camera for printing, and can also save images through external mobile storage.
If a hospital or clinic uses a DR mobile X-ray machine for physical examination, that would be great.

DR mobile X-ray machine

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