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Advantages and disadvantages of portable DR

The portable DR takes pictures of the human body’s chest, abdomen, spine, and limbs and joints. What are the advantages and disadvantages of portable DR?
①The equipment is exquisite and light, and the host, flat panel detector, workstation, etc. can all be put into a special equipment box for remote carrying; ②There is no need to connect a fixed power source when using, and the host, detector, and workstation are all dedicated rechargeable batteries;
③The host, detector, and workstation are connected wirelessly, and the operating environment is clean and tidy;
④Wireless or delayed exposure, eliminating the trouble of pulling the wire for long-distance exposure and shortening the imaging time;
⑤The operation process is simple, especially for the imaging of the bone and joint system of the limbs, the image is very clear, and it is especially suitable for the imaging diagnosis of the limbs and joint system of the soldier’s trauma;
⑥ The entire operating system is waterproof and anti-drop, which is conducive to remote transportation in the field and use in harsh environments.
①The portable DR is expensive, and it is hard to find for the health institutions with shortage of funds;
②The portable DR power is relatively small, and the imaging quality of the fatter and thicker parts (abdomen, lumbar spine) is difficult to compete with the fixed form of high-power DR;
③Compared with the battery of the host, the tablet battery has a shorter continuous working time, so the number of times the tablet needs to replace the battery will be more than the number of times the host replaces the battery;
④The portable trolley case is used to fix the mainframe with a short telescopic rod, which limits the elevation of the mainframe. For example, it is inconvenient to take a chest radiograph for a tall soldier. In summary, the portable DR is convenient to carry, simple to operate, and clear in imaging. It can be used for X-ray imaging of the human body and is suitable for harsh weather conditions. It has important application value in medical support such as natural disaster rescue, mobile hospital imaging department construction, military emergency response, field training, and remote outpost visits.

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