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DRX-ray shooting conditions

What are the shooting conditions of the drX-ray machine? What? The first is that X-rays are required. How are X-rays generated in DR? An X-ray tube is an electronic device that uses high-speed electrons to hit a metal target surface to generate X-rays. It is divided into two types: gas-filled tubes and vacuum tubes. In 1895, Roentgen discovered X-rays using the Crooks tube, which was the first gas-filled X-ray tube.
The biggest feature of the vacuum X-ray tube invented by Collinger in 1913 is that the tungsten filament is heated to an incandescent state to provide the electrons required for the tube current. Adjusting the heating temperature of the filament can control the tube current and improve the image quality.
In 1913, an X-ray tube with a control grid installed between the anode target surface and the cathode was invented, and pulse modulation was applied to the control grid to control the output of X-rays and adjust the timing for repeated exposure, partially eliminating scattered rays and improving image quality.
In 1914, the cadmium tungstate phosphor screen was made, and the application of X-ray fluoroscopy began.
In 1923, the double focus X-ray tube was invented. The power of the X-ray tube can reach several kilowatts, and the side length of the rectangular focus is only a few millimeters, and the quality of the X-ray image is greatly improved. At the same time, the gradual application of contrast agents has expanded the scope of X-ray diagnosis. X-ray tubes are also widely used in non-destructive testing of parts, material structure analysis, spectral analysis and so on.

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