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Features of Mobile DR

As a radiology equipment, mobile DR has been widely used in clinic in this epidemic. What are its product features? The editor will give you a detailed answer

1) Adopt high frequency and high voltage generator and independent head, closed-loop control, stable output, good repeatability, fast response, high accuracy;

2) Digital closed-loop control technology and 32-bit microprocessor real-time control ensure the accuracy and repeatability of dose;

3) Touch screen adjustment, color screen display, without additional display screen and operation console;

4) With human anatomy program, users can also modify the parameters themselves;

5) With high voltage overvoltage and undervoltage protection, tube current overcurrent protection, output overload protection and fault prompt;

6) Perfect heat capacity protection function to protect the target surface of X-ray tube;

7) Ergonomic structure design, simple and convenient operation;

8) Electric power, forward and backward movement is more convenient and light;

9) Battery capacitance dual energy storage mode, can take more than 20 photos offline, more reliable for emergency use;

10) The adjustment range of the distance from the focus to the image receiving surface (SID): 500 (mm);

11) Automatic retractable power cable mechanism can effectively prevent cable winding;

12) The 1417 wireless flat panel is easy to use and move.

These are the product features of Mobile DR. If you need to purchase, please call! Tel(whatapp): +8617616362242                                                                                                                                                           

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