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What are the advantages of mobile DR

Many people don’t understand the advantages of mobile DR, including the customers who often consult us. Then I will take you to understand its advantages:

1. Mobile DR can quickly obtain and confirm photographic images after exposure for a few seconds, eliminating the complicated procedures such as traditional film development and IP board information reading, and the images can be processed on site, network transmission, printing, efficient, fast, and more direct. Mobile DR has ushered in a new era of digital bedside photography.

2. It is widely used in clinic. Meet a variety of clinical needs. It is used in radiology, imaging, pediatrics, physical examination, operating room and intensive care unit to meet the X-ray photography requirements for human joints, bones, chest, urinary, gynecology and special parts.

3. There are many ways to use it, including direct photography, interval photography and ordinary photography. According to different shooting needs, choose the corresponding shooting method.

4. Excellent image quality. Adopt a new frame design, high-quality high-frequency high-voltage generator. High-quality digital flat panel detector ensures excellent image effect.

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