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Features of portable X-ray machine

The portable X-ray machine should refer to the bedside X-ray machine, which can be pushed to the ward for X-ray examination.
The portability of the portable X-ray machine does not mean that it is cheap, and the performance of the portable X-ray machine does not shrink. It is just different from the application scenario of the fixed X-ray machine. In contrast, it emphasizes mobility, convenience and targeting. Special image processing algorithms for bedside images. Moreover, this kind of equipment is used more frequently in some large hospitals. It can be placed in the operating room, ICU, and orthopedics department to make it convenient for bedridden patients to take pictures. With the vigorous development of Chinese hospitals, this product is gradually becoming popular in hospitals below the second level.
Turning to the radiation problem of portable X-ray machines, with qualified X-ray machines and equipment rooms that meet the protection standards, the received doses of workers are generally not high. The same goes for bedside filming. The technicians are generally far away and wear lead clothes, and the radiation is negligible. So here we are discussing the patient’s dose. In this regard, the material of the detector has a great influence. As mentioned earlier, the imaging dose required by the CCD detector is much higher than that of the CR and DR detectors. For filming next to the portable X-ray machine, the formal requirement is to place a lead screen next to the patient to prevent radiation to other patients.

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