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The role of the mobile DR x-ray machine

Recently, a customer asked about the medical mobile DR x-ray machine, and recommended our NKX-400 medical mobile DR x-ray machine. This mobile DR x-ray machine is mainly used in the radiology department of the hospital to examine the chest, limbs, pelvis, and lumbar spine.
As the name suggests, the mobile DR x-ray machine is a movable DRX machine that can also be placed on the bedside for X-ray inspection. Ordinary X-ray machine is to move the X-ray machine to the bedside of the patient. After taking out the film, take it back and rinse and fix it. Then the image can be displayed. The mobile DR X-ray machine can directly perform imaging after shooting at the patient’s bedside, which is more concise, convenient and faster. Directly use the computer to process and get images quickly, especially for critically ill patients, time is life. After taking the photo, they can quickly transfer the photo to the computer so that they can understand the situation and understand the patient’s information.
This mobile DR x-ray machine produced by our company has the following advantages:
1. Using high frequency and high voltage generator and independent magnetic head, stable output, fast response and high precision;
2. Digital closed-loop control technology, microprocessor real-time control, to ensure the accuracy of dosing;
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