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Hangzhou customer inquires about DRX light machine rack

Hangzhou customers saw the DRX light machine promoted by our company on the Weifang Huading Electronics website and left a message for consultation, expressing interest in our DRX light machine rack.
We learned that the customer is a medical device dealer and now wants to assemble the DRX light machine by himself, so we want to know about the frame style. We first confirm with the customer what kind of DRX-ray machine frame is needed. We have fixed DRX-ray machine frame and portable X-ray machine special frame. The customer replied that they need double-column and UC arm frame. We sent the fixed DRX-ray machine frame to the customer. Type DRX light machine rack product pictures and videos, customers are very satisfied with our products, and ask whether it is equipped with cables, circuit boards and other accessories. Reply to the customer These two racks are electrically controlled, equipped with power distribution boxes, and accessories such as circuit boards and cables for rack resources are standard. We are the X-ray machine manufacturer, and all other accessories needed to assemble the X-ray machine We can all provide. If bulk purchases are required, we will quote preferential prices for customers.


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