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Philippine customer inquiries about portable X-ray machine

Today, a Filipino customer saw our portable X-ray machine on Aliwangwang and contacted us. After communicating with the customer, we learned that the customer needs a portable X-ray machine and a wireless flat panel detector. Our portable X-ray machine is simple in structure, small in size and light in weight. It is not restricted by the environment and does not need to build a lead-shielded darkroom. It is easy to carry and carry out work in different regions and locations. It can be used for X-ray photography in the field and special occasions; optional The mobile rack is flexible and convenient, can meet the requirements of different workstations, and can be used as bedside shooting in hospital wards. The flat panel detector is a kind of precision and precious equipment, which plays a decisive role in the imaging quality. Familiar with the performance indicators of the flat panel detector can help us improve the imaging quality and reduce the X-ray radiation dose. It is faster than film imaging. It is digital imaging, and the filming effect can be viewed directly on the computer. Our company usually sells two sizes of 14*17 and 17*17, which are divided into wired boards and wireless boards. Relatively speaking, the wireless board is more convenient.
If you also want to buy a portable X-ray machine or a flat panel detector, please contact us at +8617616362243!

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