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High Frequency X-ray Machine Manufacturer

Do you know any manufacturers of high frequency X-ray machines?
Today, Xiaobian will introduce to you the manufacturer of high frequency X-ray machine: Weifang NEWHEEK Electronics.
Weifang NEWHEEK Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established on April 25, 2012. Its business scope includes production, research and development, sales: electronic products, research and development, sales: instrumentation, general machinery and accessories, import and export of goods and technologies permitted by the state, etc. .
Portable high-frequency X-ray machine integrates high-frequency and high-voltage generator, main control system, intelligent computer system, digital display and beam limiter.
The high-frequency X-ray machine adopts high-frequency inverter technology and computer closed-loop adjustment system to generate stable high-voltage output and obtain high-quality image results.
The high-frequency X-ray machine adopts KV and mAs two buttons to adjust the three quantities of photography, and it is displayed by a high-brightness LED digital tube. The software determines the interlocking protection conditions, and the display and operation can be reversed, which is convenient for doctors to operate from multiple directions and angles.
The X-ray tube ball of the high-frequency X-ray machine is placed in a lead cylinder, and the leaked rays are effectively shielded, which further protects the environment and the safety of operators.
The high-frequency X-ray machine has 20 preset photography conditions, which can be modified and stored by users according to their own requirements.
The shooting time of the high-frequency X-ray machine is precisely controlled by the microcomputer. After the shooting, the host automatically delays 30S, which can effectively control the shooting interval, avoid overload use, and realize automatic protection.
High-frequency X-ray machine manual control, remote control dual control photography function
The high-frequency X-ray machine uses a microcomputer to monitor various fault sources. Once a fault occurs, the microcomputer cuts off all outputs and displays the fault code to identify the cause of the fault.
High frequency X-ray machine for various size cassettes
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