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Bolivia customer inquiries about DRX light machine

Bolivian customers saw the DRX light machine advertised on the website of Weifang NEWHEEK Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. on a social platform and left a message for consultation, expressing interest in our products, and leaving contact information.
We learned that the customer is a local medical device distributor and would like to know that the DRX light machine is used for secondary sales in the local market. We have recommended our popular products portable DRX machine and double-column DRX machine for customers. Without the introduction of customers, the portable DRX machine can take limbs and chest X-rays for patients, which can be carried out and used as a bedside. machine use. The double-column DRX-ray machine can perform radiographs for the whole body of the patient mainly in the hospital. The customer expressed interest in the portable DRX light machine, and asked for a quotation and confirmed the specific configuration with the customer. The flat panel detector can be equipped with wired and wireless models, and whether it needs to be equipped with a laptop computer.
NEWHEEK provides a variety of DRX light machines, if you need it, please call for consultation.

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