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How many MAs does the stationary X-ray machine have?

Fixed type: This type of X-ray machine has many and heavy parts and complex structure, and needs to be fixed in a dedicated computer room. This type of machine has strict requirements on power supply, computer room, installation, debugging, etc.
Classification by output power refers to the nominal power of the X-ray tube, such as 10kW, 20kW, 50kW, etc. In China, it is usually classified by the size of the maximum tube current that the X-ray tube is allowed to pass.
(1) Small: X-ray machine with the maximum tube current below 100mA.
⑵Medium-sized: X-ray machine with maximum tube current of 200~500mA.
(3) Large size: X-ray machine with a maximum tube current of more than 500mA.
Classification by scope of use
⑴Comprehensive X-ray machine: It has various functions such as fluoroscopy and photography, and is suitable for X-ray machine for examination of various diseases and parts.
(2) Special X-ray machine: X-ray machine designed for the examination of certain specialist diseases, such as dental X-ray machine, mammography X-ray machine, cardiovascular angiography X-ray machine.
(3)Multifunctional X-ray machine: The integration of different diagnostic equipment is the development trend of medical imaging equipment. Such as Siemens’ multi-function device AXIOM Luminos dRF, which can be used for X-ray fluoroscopy, photography and angiography medical imaging diagnosis, and also has interventional functions. One device can basically complete routine radiology examinations.


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