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What kind of X-ray machine do pets generally use?

Pets have gradually entered ordinary families in recent years, and some people do not have children and keep pets as spiritual sustenance. There is a lot of expense in keeping pets, and if you get sick, you have to go to the veterinary hospital.
So what kind of X-ray machine is suitable for pets?
There are large, medium, and small pets. Different pets have different powers. Generally speaking, 100MA and 5KW are enough to shoot cats and dogs. If you need a fixed model, you can choose 200.300MA penetration. Better, if you choose the mobile model, you can choose 100MA, 5KW, which can be moved to meet the needs of different departments.
The picture below is a pet X-ray machine produced by Huarui, which is a mobile X-ray photography medical diagnostic equipment, which can not only be used for pet X-ray inspection but also human body X-ray inspection, satisfying various Class of medical units, operating rooms, pet hospitals and other places, please choose the appropriate machine according to the size of the pet.
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