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Image section on the wheel

As we all know, the image taken by the traditional mobile X-ray machine cannot be obtained in real time. Not only is the quality of the analog image difficult to match the quality of the digital image, but also, if patients with mobility difficulties want to obtain a clearer image, they often need to push a stretcher to the imaging department for filming, which is time-consuming and laborious, and there are many inconveniences. Mobile digital dr will completely break this situation. Next, Xiaobian will show you the advantages of mobile digital dr!

Mobile digital dr machine This machine is “small and exquisite” in shape, with its narrower body and higher chassis, and has super trafficability and climbing ability. The small fuselage width ensures that the device can be easily converted between different beds, realizing patient-centered “machine moves with people”.

The mobile digital dr machine is applicable to clinical departments such as intensive care unit, emergency department, operating room, inpatient department, etc., and provides considerate bedside services for patients who are critically ill and have difficulty in moving.

In addition, patients were diagnosed and treated in a very short time, which accelerated the working process of radiation diagnosis jtgbosdwl, improved work efficiency, and won high praise from patients.

Newheek mobile digital dr machine has lower dose, better image, shorter radiation exposure time of patients, convenient operation, fast imaging, and can see the digital image of wgdsrxi immediately after exposure beside the bed, providing rich image information for clinical timely. If you want to know the specific information of the product, please leave a message. Tel(whatsapp):+8617616362242

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