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In what scenarios can mobile DR be applied?

Mobile DR refers to X-ray digital filming equipment that is movable and whose application scenarios are not fixed. The patient is often irradiated at the bedside without moving the patient, which greatly facilitates the diagnosis of critically ill special patients. Because it is often moved, the site is not fixed, and there is no specific requirement for the area of the site.
Mobile DR mainly includes two parts, one is the X-ray machine part for emitting X-rays, and the other is the digital imaging system for receiving X-rays and converting them into images.
The application scenarios of mobile DR are very extensive. First, it can be used as a mobile bedside machine to diagnose patients who are not convenient to move. The traffic in townships is not very convenient, and it is also very convenient for the elderly to go directly to the countryside for medical examinations if they have limited mobility. However, in the process of use, it is necessary to strictly implement the corresponding protection requirements in order to minimize the radiation caused by the radiation and the environment.
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