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Is the mobile X-ray machine a mobile dr?

Mobile dr is an abbreviation of mobile bedside X-ray machine. It is mainly used in emergency room, operating room, ward or critical ICU. It is widely used in orthopedics. For some patients who cannot move and need to be photographed, The mobile DR can be moved to the bedside for shooting, which is convenient and quick. Mobile DR can quickly acquire and confirm photographic images after a few seconds of exposure, eliminating the need for traditional film processing and IP board information reading and other complicated procedures. Images can be processed on-site, network transmission, and printed, which is efficient, fast, and more direct.
Nowadays, the perfect combination of digital technology and X-ray photography technology has realized the wide application of digital X-ray photography, and bedside mobile digital photography technology has emerged as the times require. Mobile DR ushers in a new era of digitization in bedside photography. What do mobile X-ray machines need to do without the protection of the machine room? Use mobile lead protective screens (lead screens) and lead protective curtains to enclose the mobile X-ray machine to form a relatively closed space. Medical personnel wear personal protection. To avoid the direction of the main ray, wear heavy lead protective clothing, such as lead clothing, lead caps, lead protective glasses, lead scarf, etc. 0.5mm lead equivalent protective clothing can block 97% of scattered rays. The patient is very close to the tube and receives short-term high-dose radiation, which is more harmful than the long-term low-dose radiation of the doctor. Be sure to cover the patient’s thyroid, eyes, and gonads with lead products before irradiation. Indoor items should be placed neatly, and too many items should not be placed. Too many items will cause the refraction of X-ray scattered rays and produce secondary rays.
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