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Introduction to our medical mobile DR

We are a company specializing in the production and sales of X-ray machines and their accessories. The following is a brief introduction to our portable DR:
1. It can be widely used in the inspection and diagnosis of human limbs, and is suitable for medical institutions such as hospitals, clinics, physical examination centers, ambulances, disaster relief, and first aid.
2. Simple structure, small size, light weight, no environmental restrictions, no need to build a lead-shielded darkroom, easy to carry and work in different regions and locations, and can be used for X-ray photography in the field and in special occasions.
3. Optional mobile frame is flexible and convenient, which can meet the requirements of different stations, and can be used as a bedside shooting in a hospital ward.
4. There are two exposure control methods: remote control and hand brake.
5. Fault self-protection, self-diagnosis, high-precision control of tube voltage and tube current.
6. Produced by high-frequency inverter technology, stable high-voltage output can obtain good image quality.
7. It can be used in conjunction with DR flat panel detectors to form a DR digital X-ray photography system.
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