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Russian dealer bought our portable DR

A Russian dealer who mainly sells CT and other equipment saw our medical portable DR on the website and asked about the price of our portable DR. The other party wanted us to recommend a single product with a more reasonable price because of the high quantity of purchases. We mainly promote portable DR devices with self-produced wired FPD, which are more cost-effective. The client was very satisfied after listening and paid the deposit shortly after we sent the quotation.
Compared with traditional film imaging, the advantage of DR flat-panel detection imaging is that it is small and easy to carry. A FP and a computer can be used for temporary medical examinations. The flat-panel detector can quickly image and does not need to be operated in a dark room, which greatly improves the work efficiency of medical staff. The digital imaging system also facilitates the storage, transmission and search of images, and facilitates the synchronization of information between different departments.
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