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Is vehicle-mounted DR mobile DR?

Generally speaking, vehicle-mounted DR refers to the fixed DR X ray machine installed on the vehicle, which does not belong to the mobile DR we usually refer to.
Vehicle-mounted DR is very popular during the epidemic. It is needed when workers return to work and students return to school for physical examination. The vehicle-mounted DR is mainly used to take chest X-rays for physical examination of the human body. There are different styles of vehicle-mounted DR, and the commonly used vehicle-mounted DR is mainly composed of high-voltage generators, X-ray tubes, camera frames, digital flat-panel detectors, monitors, medical software and other equipment.
The size of the vehicle-mounted DR equipment needs to be designed and selected according to the size of the vehicle. Generally, the focal length of the chest radiograph needs to be 1.8m, so the selected vehicle should not be too small. When customers need to assemble the vehicle-mounted DR equipment system after purchasing the vehicle, they can provide us with the internal dimensions of the vehicle, and engineers will design the styles and placement positions of various equipment according to the needs of customers.

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