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The new generation of portable digital X-ray imaging system of Weifang Huading Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is composed of advanced waterproof and dustproof IP54 level amorphous silicon flat panel detector and digital image acquisition and imaging system combined with domestic 8kw combined head and flexible mechanical structure composition. This model is a portable model because of its mobility, easy operation, and low radiation dose.
The core features of Shentu portable digital X-ray photography system DR: Highly integrated and high-power head combination; large-size LCD screen, easy and sensitive operation; overall smart body design; Algorithm processing system, unique algorithm processing of Shandong Huarui Image; image acquisition and imaging system with stable performance and powerful functions.
Weifang Huading Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.’s flat-panel detection and imaging system. It provides ultra-low photographic dose and excellent image quality for clinic. It can realize optional functions such as bone density measurement and bone age measurement. If you want to know more about our portable mobile DR, please contact us. Whatsapp(Tel):+86 18953679166. Email: service@newheek.com .

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