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Let’s introduce the portable X-ray machine

The portable X-ra y machine is a small X-ray machine that can achieve the purpose of fluoroscopy for imaging on the principle of X-ray. The portable X-ray machine is mainly composed of an X-ray tube, a power supply, and a control circuit. The X-ray tube is composed of a cathode filament, an anode target and a vacuum glass tube. It provides a high-voltage electric field to make the active acceleration flow on the filament to the cathode, forming a high-speed electron flow. The high-speed electron flow penetrates the object and is processed by the portable X-ray machine to generate a perspective picture.

Portable X-ray machines are also called medical portable X-ray machines. This type of X-ray machine is suitable for medical use and is mainly used in clinics, township health centers, athlete training departments, school clinics and other departments. Because of its low cost, low X-ray dose, high safety, simple operation, small size, and most of it can be connected to a computer for processing and printing, it satisfies the equipment blank of medical institutions that cannot accommodate large-scale X-ray equipment and provides relevant units Rapid medical diagnosis has been favored by many medical industries and workers.

portable X-ray machine

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