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medical 5KW mobile DRX-ray machine

We recently received an enquiry from a customer in Malawi. The customer first posted an RFQ enquiry on Alibaba, and then consulted us after receiving our offer.What the customer wants to consult is mobile DR, so he sent an email back to the customer asking for detailed information, and is still waiting for the reply.

The 5KW mobile DR produced by Newheek is mainly composed of a high-voltage generator, a ball tube, a beam limiting device, a digital flat panel detector, an integrated computer and a mobile body. It adopts high-frequency inverter technology to produce stable high-voltage output and obtain good image quality.And adopt compact design, easy to carry in different areas, locations to carry out work;It also has three types of exposure control: remote control, handbrake and interface touch-tone;In machine protection, fault self-diagnosis, self-protection.

Digital radiographic Imaging system (DR) is one of the most important imaging devices for diagnosing COVID-19. It USES images to diagnose the chest to detect suspicious patients such as fever, and image diagnosis is the most important diagnostic method for clinical diagnosis.Because mobile DR is small in size and light in weight, the device can reach wherever it is needed. It is especially suitable for bedside photographing in emergency situations such as isolation wards, ICUs, intensive isolation areas, etc., so as to avoid patient movement and reduce the risk of infection.At the same time, moving DR can quickly obtain and confirm the photographic image after a few seconds of exposure, which eliminates the need for traditional film washing and IP board information reading and other complicated procedures. Images can be processed on site, network transmission and printing, which is efficient, fast and more direct.Nowadays, the perfect combination of digital technology and X-ray photography has realized the wide application of digital X-ray photography.Mobile digital bedside photography technology emerged.Mobile DR has ushered in a new era of digital bedside photography.

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