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Mobile DR-Rapid Diagnosis of COVID-19

Mobile DR (Digital radiography System) is one of the most important diagnosis imaging equipment.By taking chest radiography of patients with fever,using image diagnosis to find suspected patient.Image diagnosis isthe most important diagnostic method for clinical diagnosis and treatment.

The mobile DR is small in size&light in weight,and the device can reach any place where it is needed.It is suitable for isolating the ward,especially the ICU,Emergency,Isolation area intensive bedside filming to avoid patient movement.It is the most urgently needed product for clinical application of COVID-19.

It has the following characteristics:

  • Exposure by hand switch
  • Exposure by remote control
  • Exposure by touch screen
  • Deft and concise
  • 6 periods of digital LED display
  • Failure self-protection, self-diagnosis
  • High precision control of tube voltage, tube current
  • 48 kinds of presupposed anatomy memory pattern choice
  • Accuracy control method of simulation and double digital loops
  • X-ray tube complete surrender by lead for protect X-ray leaking

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