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Medical small mobile DR

Recently, a client has inquired about medical small DR, where medical small DR refers to mobile DR.
Let’s talk about the characteristics of mobile DR for everyone.
1. Folding structure design, convenient for transportation.
2. X-ray host, better quality.
3. Standard battery power supply, the filming effect is not affected by AC power conditions, and filming can be done even if the power is off.
4. Double-panel control, which can be operated near the desk or in the compartment, so that the doctor can stay away from radiation damage.
5. Most parts of the main machine are made of aluminum alloy, and the whole machine is light in weight.
6. A variety of wired and wireless DR detector schemes are optional.
7. The self-developed high-quality image processing system ensures better image effects.
Seeing that everyone understands the characteristics of mobile DR, please contact us if you have any needs.

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