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Senegal customer inquires portable DR

Portable DR is used for examination and diagnosis of human limbs, especially for ambulance diagnosis in mobile places, battlefields, sports fields, pet clinics, etc. Senegal customers mainly used to shoot limbs and chest.
Portable DR is matched with the DR system. DR is an advanced X-ray photography technology formed by the combination of computer digital image processing technology and X-ray radiation technology. It is based on the direct film imaging of the original diagnostic X-ray machine. A/D conversion and D/A conversion are used for real-time image digital processing, and then the image is digitized and the image quality is enhanced.
The advantages of the portable DR DR imaging system are:
1. Large amount of data, clear image and large adjustment range, rich software processing;
2. The image transmission is digitized and can be read remotely;
3. The use process is simple and fast, the work efficiency is greatly improved, and the circulation is increased;
4. The amount of thread received by the patient is greatly reduced;
5. Conducive to provide the service life of the equipment;
6. Significant increase in economic benefits
The main product advantages of 5KW portable DR
Using high-frequency inverter technology to produce, stable high-voltage output can obtain good image quality;
With compact design, it is easy to carry and carry out work in different areas and locations;
There are three exposure control methods: remote control, hand switchand interface button type;
Fault self-diagnosis and self-protection;
It has a flexible digital interface, users can go deep into the core programming control, and can be adapted to different DR detectors.
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