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Mobile digital DRX – ray machines are by far the best-selling products

Now is the digital era, medical devices are increasingly digital.Compared with some traditional X-ray machines and CR in the domestic, the generation of digital X-ray machines (DR) has won the attention of many hospitals. The proportion of its application in clinical practice is also increasing. Most large hospitals are equipped with digital X-ray machines. You may want to ask, why is digital X-ray so quickly accepted by all people? What are the advantages of digital X-ray?


1.DR tube has a collimator, a large number of scattered lines will be absorbed, thus greatly reducing the X-ray damage to medical staff and patients.

2.DR can reduce the X-ray dose received by patients. The traditional chest high kV radiography dose is lower than the previous low kV radiography dose, while Dr Using High KV chest radiography, patients receive less X-ray dose. In addition, the screen sensitivity of DR can be up to 400 or even 1000, so that the photography can be completed with very low X-ray quantity.

3.DR can produce high-resolution images with very low X-ray dose.

4.The photography time of DR is short. DR adopts direct digital photography, which can be imaged after 6 seconds of exposure. After 10 seconds of transportation and storage, it can be used by clinical workstation immediately. The calling time is 2 ~ 4 seconds. The whole chest profile from photography to imaging generally takes 2 minutes. While the scanning time of CR in the digital processing process needs 70 seconds, and it takes 6 minutes to complete the whole process. The traditional X-ray machine takes more time.

5.DR image is clearer, spatial resolution, density resolution, temporal resolution are higher than Cr, image content is more rich.



All in all, the advantages of digital X-ray machines are obvious, which can easily explain why digital X-ray machines are so easily accepted.If you also need a mobile digital X-ray machine, please contact us.


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