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Mobile C -Arm X-Ray Machine Application

As the name implies, the C-arm X-ray machine has a C-type rack.And it is consisted of Xray tube,image intensifier,and CCD camera,as well as the workstation of image processing.It is mainly used for radiography and photography in various operations. Here is also some similar X-ray machines, like U-arm ,G-arm, pay attention to the difference.

Main Application,

1.Orthopedics: osteosynthesis, reduction and nailing.

2.Surgery: removal of foreign body, cardiac catheter, pacemaker implantation, partial interventional therapy, partial angiography and local photography.

3.Others:With ozone machine treatment of pain, small needle knife treatment, gynecological tubal guided surgery.


The popularity rate of this type of products in hospitals is very high, and basically secondary hospitals have been equipped. There are also many domestic manufacturers,but they are different quality configurations.

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