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Mobile DR advantages in large-scale physical examination

Although the mobile X-ray fluoroscopy machine is easy to operate and easy to move, it is still widely used today, but its shortcomings are also outstanding-the fluoroscopy field of view is small and cannot display the entire lung field and mediastinum images at the same time; with the extension of the fluoroscopy time, the amount of radiation gradually Increased; perspective images cannot be recorded and stored in real time; poor display of the fine structure effect; long-term perspective will cause doctors ’visual fatigue and easily lead to missed diagnosis.
Although the conventional DR has the advantages of simple operation, convenient use, small radiation dose, high image resolution, rich image hierarchy, fast imaging, and storage of permanent images, it is equipped with a bulky high-voltage generator and film holder, which is basically Fixed operations can only be used in hospitals; during a collective physical examination, there may be a large number of waiting staff packed in the limited waiting space, which makes the patients and staff feel overcrowded and often affects the daily inspection work of the hospital.
In this situation, the advantages of mobile DR‘s large-scale medical examination become more obvious. It greatly reduces the X-ray dose, which can maximize the safety of medical examiners; its large grayscale range, high image contrast, and rich levels, which can clearly display the fine structure of the lung field and high detection rate of lesions ;
Its real-time imaging, the reference image can be observed in the monitor within 3 ~ 5s after exposure to understand the situation of the captured image in general, the operation technician can change it according to the specific situation of the image, effectively reduce the number of re-examination and fully facilitate the medical examiner; it has Stable and flexible mobile performance, with good power drive device, compact machine design, small footprint, can move flexibly and conveniently in a limited space.
Therefore, since the advent of mobile DR, medical examiners in many places no longer need to go to the hospital for inspection, and only need to transfer the technical staff and mobile DR camera vehicle to the unit where the medical examiner is located to carry out the medical examination work, which has obtained social benefits and A double harvest of economic benefits.


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