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The value of mobile DR in surgical photography

With the development of medical imaging, patients pay more attention to their own rights and interests. Surgeons also put forward higher requirements for observing the changes of patients’ conditions during the operation. The importance of mobile DR in surgery is becoming more and more obvious.
Since the mobile DR has the function of real-time imaging, the image can be seen on the display within 3 to 5 seconds after exposure, so that it can quickly determine whether the patient’s posture is correct. However, the waste images that do not meet the diagnostic requirements can be immediately discarded and re-shot.
More importantly, in many operations that require surgical imaging (the time when the contrast agent needs to be observed to reach the lumen), the function of mobile DR instant imaging is more prominent, and its intraoperative instant filming function will greatly shorten the waiting time for surgery.
Mobile DR has powerful post-processing functions. After acquiring the image, you can take local magnification, black and white inversion, and adjust the frequency processing method for the key areas of the operation to achieve the best state and improve the image contrast and resolution. Compared with ordinary CR, DR can clearly show the desired intraluminal content structure during surgery.
In addition, mobile DR has the advantages of real-time imaging, high resolution, and high diagnostic rate. Compared with CR and ordinary X-ray equipment, its radiation dose is greatly reduced, which is very beneficial to patients and medical staff.
The emergence of mobile DR not only optimizes the work process, liberates the labor force of medical staff, but also improves the work efficiency and diagnosis quality, and provides diagnosis quality assurance for the treatment of patients during surgical operations. Therefore, in the course of surgery, the future development trend is bound to be mobile DR to replace conventional bedside X-ray photography and CR.


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