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Mobile DR and Portable DR

Recently, some customers have inquired about mobile DR and portable DR. In fact, mobile DR is also a portable X-ray machine. The main imported brands are Shimadzu and Siemens, and there are many domestic mobile dr brands.
DR is the abbreviation of digital direct imaging system, also often written as Dr. Compared with traditional X-ray imaging, it has the advantages of clearer image, lower radiation dose, faster inspection speed, and higher inspection success rate. The workload of the radiology department is large, and the introduction of DR has accelerated the filming speed.
Mobile DR appeared in the Chinese market in 2006.
As mobile DR rapidly evolves from inconspicuous to non-negligible, market participants have also increased dramatically. Manufacturers who previously had a place in the field of analog bedside machines all want to take a share of this fast-growing new market, and various DR brands also want to open up new growth points for the overall DR business through mobile DR.
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