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Mobile DR, double column, U-arm DR

Now there are many kinds of DR X-ray machines, such as mobile DR, double-column DR and U-arm DR (sickle arm DR), all of which can be used in hospitals and are becoming more and more popular. Today we will take a closer look at these three DRs.
The first is mobile DR, which can be used in different scenarios such as hospitals, clinics, and outdoors. With our 100mA portable X-ray machine and rack, it can take pictures of human limbs, chest X-rays, cervical spine and lumbar spine. With DR imaging system, Can be imaged directly on the computer, easy to use.
Double-column X-ray machine, including high-frequency and high-voltage generator, tube assembly, manual beam limiter, integrated flat bed, high-voltage cable, vertical film stand, etc., is affordable and easy to use.
U-arm DR, also known as our sickle arm X-ray machine, is a fixed X-ray machine that needs to be used in a lead room. It is controlled by a microcomputer and is easy to operate. It has a newly designed high-frequency and high-voltage generator, and simple and convenient body position display. The new U-shaped design, accurate rotation angle, and multi-angle photography can meet clinical needs. There are reassuring security features. Digital flat panel detectors can be directly imaged on the computer to reduce radiation dose.
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