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The difference between bedside X-ray machine and mobile dr

Bedside X-ray machines and mobile DR are both devices used for medical imaging diagnosis, but they have the following differences:
1. Equipment structure: The bedside X-ray machine is generally a large fixed structure, which is installed in the ward and waits for the patient to come for examination, while the mobile DR is a portable X-ray system that can be moved to different wards or operating rooms. place for inspection.
2. Operation method: Bedside X-ray machines generally require professional technicians to operate, while mobile DR can be operated by doctors themselves, which greatly reduces the communication cost between the examiners and the equipment.
3. Image effect: The image effects of bedside X-ray machines and mobile DR are good, but bedside X-ray machines usually use traditional film imaging technology, while mobile DR uses digital imaging technology, which has higher resolution and richer details.
4. Scope of application: Bedside X-ray machines are mainly used for examination of patients who need further diagnosis, while mobile DR is suitable for various occasions, such as emergency scene, operating room, ICU, etc. The portability of mobile DR makes it more convenient to meet the needs of different occasions.
5. Price: The price of bedside X-ray machines is generally relatively high because of its large size and complete accessories, which require professional technicians for after-sales service and maintenance, while mobile DR is small in scale and has its own chip and control technology. Upgraded, well priced and in broad market demand.
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