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Digital X-ray machine is also called DR direct digital X-ray camera system and digital X-ray machine. It combines digital computer technology and X-ray technology. Digital DR has clear image quality, fast imaging speed, and less radiation than traditional X-ray machines. Advantages: Realize the direct digitalization of medical X-ray photography and become the mainstream digital equipment of modern radiology.
Our mobile DR x ray machine is roughly divided into 4kw, 5kw and 32kw power. The most commonly used portable DRx optical machine is still 5kw, 100mA power X-ray machine. X-ray machine is a device that generates X-rays. It is mainly composed of X-ray machines. Light tube and X-ray machine power supply, and X-ray tube is composed of cathode filament (Cathod), anode target (Anode) and vacuum glass tube, X-ray machine power supply can be divided into two parts: high-voltage power supply and filament power supply. The power supply is used to heat the filament, and the high-voltage output terminals of the high-voltage power supply are respectively located at both ends of the cathode filament and the anode target, providing a high-voltage electric field to accelerate the active electrons on the filament to the anode target, forming a high-speed electron flow.
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