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Mobile DR in the COVID 19 situation

Mobile DR is a kind of efficient and convenient equipment. Mobile DR can obtain and confirm the photographic image quickly after exposure for a few seconds, and it can save the complicated procedures such as traditional film developing and IP board information reading. The image can be processed on site, realize network transmission and printing, which is efficient, fast and more direct. Now the perfect combination of digital technology and X-ray photography technology has realized the wide application of digital X-ray photography. Bedside mobile digital photography technology came into being. Mobile Dr ushers in a new digital era of bedside photography. It is suitable for radiology, orthopedics, ward, emergency room, operating room, ICU and other places. Newseek mobile DR can meet the work requirements of digital photography of the head, limbs, chest, spine, lumbar spine, abdomen and other parts of the body.

One of the advantages of mobile DR system for covid-19 patients is its portability in order to check the new crown epidemic in the whole region. Mobile universal radiography system is a cost-effective alternative to fixed radiography room. It enables technicians to bring equipment to patients without bringing patients to the radiology room. This can save time for initial diagnosis of severe patients with covid-19, thus improving the workflow efficiency and utilization rate of a & E facilities, ICU and designated covid-19 ward. Mobile Dr devices dedicated to covid-19 imaging can also be placed close to the ICU to reduce the risk of virus transmission.

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